Loft Options

Our loft conversion is available in three options, as many people would like to build their own lofts, or at least add the final touches to their new spaces.

Budget Loft

In the Budget Loft we install only the structural part of your loft, which consist of the floor joists, floor boards, wall frames and wall cladding. You do the rest.

When the structural part of the roof is done we will have the roof inspected by an authorised roof inspector and supply you with the roof certificate.

After this you can take your time to finish your loft when you want, how you want. 

 Bouwer Loft

Standard Loft

For the standard loft we also do the structural part of the loft as for the Budget Loft, but in addition we do the ceiling boards, loft ladder, skylights, dormer windows etc.

We also do the standard plumbing and electrical work that goes with loft building, i.e. moving the geyser and waterpipes out of the way of the loft room.

Also included are finishings like skirtings, cornices, quarter round strips, and primer coat painting.

Elite Loft

We do everything (well, almost everything – you still need to go shopping).

When it comes to finishes, it is your decision which products you want to use. The cost of these cannot be determined, as all people have different tastes.

We therefore ask that you buy your additional floor covering, plugs, switches, lights, bathtub, shower, wash basin, toilet, tiles, curtain rail etc. and we will install it all for you.